What is 1Oakland?

In September of 2017, GO Public Schools Oakland brought together community, family, and student leaders to launch 1Oakland, a campaign that is working for an exceptional, equitable, and a sustainable education system that reflects our commitment to all Oakland students. Districts in diverse urban cities are struggling to provide the education that all of their students need. We believe in our city and the creativity and capacity of educators to provide a premier education to our students and families. It’s time for 1Oakland.

We believe that all students will receive an excellent education when:
  • Oakland’s elected school board and charter school board ensure excellence and equity across all public schools;
  • All public schools contribute equitably to providing Oakland’s most underserved students an excellent education; and
  • All public schools have equitable access to public resources.

In June 2018, 1Oakland celebrated the passing of the Community of Schools Policy BP 6006 in which the OUSD board directs the Superintendent to “develop a citywide plan that promotes the long-term sustainability of publicly-funded schools across Oakland that represent quality and equitable educational options.”

There is still a lot of work to do. The time is now to be engaged.

Join us!

JoIN Us!