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Opinion: Oakland is uniting district, charter public schools

The Mercury News | Caitlin Dobson and Edgar Rodriguez-Ramirez | July 8, 2018

These days we mostly hear about how district and charter public schools are at odds, but we have much more in common than not, especially here in Oakland. Thankfully, our elected Board of Education just demonstrated some leadership in support of our new homegrown superintendent, giving us hope we can end the zero sum game and get back to focusing on our shared passion for educating kids….Read more

To Survive Its School Funding Crisis, Oakland Must Learn From Its Students

The 74 Million | Boris Aguilar |

Last month, the Oakland Unified School District made the difficult decision of approving midyear budget cuts. These cuts will impact a host of different things, including, unfortunately, poverty-stricken communities that are already lacking in resources…Read More


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